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Grape Seed Antioxidant May Help The Cellular Area Of The Body


Grape Seed Antioxidant May Help The Cellular Area Of The Body
By Peter Salazar

Grape seed is extracted from the grape. It has great nutritional value. The native area of grapes is Asia, but it was taken to North America in 16th century. It is found in green, red, or purple colors. Seedless varieties are also grown, but research has led us to believe that many healthful properties are present in the grape seeds.

Grape Seed Available Forms

Grape seed supplement is available in the form of fluid extracts, tablets, and capsules. The supplement you are looking for should have a standard content of 95% OPC.

Grape Seed Ingredients

Grape seeds are rich in many important ingredients such as Vitamin E, linoleic acid, flavonoids, and procyanidins (OPC). The skin and the juice of the fruit also have small quantities of these substances.

Grape Seed Extract Benefits

Grape seeds are believed to provide antioxidant properties. If its supplement is taken then the antioxidant count in the human body increase. Antioxidants are the substances in human body that eradicate the free radicals that attack human cells, DNA, and cell membranes. These free radicals are present inside the human body, but any external toxin such as radiation, smoke, etc. can increase their count. These radicals are also believed to cause cancers and heart diseases in older individuals. Antioxidants can neutralize these free radicals, which is why grape seed supplementation is healthy.

Herbal physicians and scientists are researching to use the grape seed supplement to help reduce ailments due to following diseases as well.

High cholesterol

Flavonoids are present in the grape seeds. They can oxidize the bad cholesterol, but this oxidation may also harden the arteries. In research grape seed taken with chromium has been more effective to reduce the bad cholesterol than grape seed alone or placebo.


Grape seed extract may help reduce the pain in abdomen due to pancreatitis disease. These findings are under study.


Grape seed extract may also help in preventing further growth of stomach, breast, and lung cancers. These findings are limited to the laboratory. People with such cancers may take it, but a benefit of reducing cancer damage due to grape seed is yet to be found.


Grape seed added with ginkgo, evening primrose oil, sweet clover, lecithin, and seaweed may also help in Cellulite disease, but its effectiveness has not been found to be more than a placebo.


Grape seed extract may be recommended for varicose veins or other blood circulation problems. They may also help reduce damage due to muscle degeneration in aging people and eye diseases such as night vision problems.

Grape Seed Interactions

To date, grape seeds have not shown any interaction with any prescribed medications, when taken together.


Grape seed supplementation is a fruit extract and it may contain a substance that could react with or trigger a side effect. It is recommended that pregnant or nursing women avoid grape seed supplementation.

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