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Know your right with implanted medical devices

At this moment, there are so many Americans with medical devices implanted inside of their bodies without knew their right. In the last several years, many types of medical devices have been linked to serious injuries such as heart problem, spinal disc replacements, and knee replacements. Medical devices have become an extremely profitable business, but as latest studies have revealed, many manufacturers are putting profits to the lead of safety.

Defibrillator is a medical device that used to control a person’s heartbeat. A defibrillation system consists of a device implanted near the shoulder with one or more leads linking the device to the heart. It can sense an abnormal heart beat and then deliver an electronic shock to reset the heart to a normal beat.

Medtronic Inc. voluntarily suspended worldwide distribution of Sprint Fidelis defibrillation leads from the marketplace subsequent to five patient deaths have been related to the devices. Presenter of Medtronic said that the defibrillator lead can fracture and may have been a root cause in the deaths. A fracture in the defibrillator lead can cause a defibrillator to deliver unnecessary shocks to the heart or stop it function at all. Medtronic has begun asking doctors to discontinue implanting the leads and return all unused leads to Medtronic.

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