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Olive oil benefit and varieties

Olive oil is a regular ingredient in Italian cooking. Here are some benefits of olive oil:

1. Olive oil helps control LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), which is the one that leads to heart disease, at the same time it raises the good cholesterol or HDL levels.

2. Olive oil helps protect and is very well tolerated by the stomach. It has beneficial effects on ulcers and gastritis as well as helps lower the incidence of gallstones.

3. Extra virgin olive oil, in particular, contains very high levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols.

4. Olive oil is an excellent alternative for your skin.
Variety of olive oil:

There are different varieties of olive oil, which have been separated by the quantity of processing they go to.

Extra virgin olive oil is the unrefined oil that arrives from the earliest pressing of the olive, extracted without using heat or any chemicals. It is considered as the best with least processed and contains the most nutrients. It also has the most delicate flavor.

Virgin olive oil appears from the second pressing of the olives, even though it can also come from the earliest pressing too. The main difference is that virgin olive oil has a higher acidity level than extra virgin and a dissimilar flavor.

Pure olive oil or just called "olive oil" goes through some processing, which might take in filtering and refining. This refined oil can also be combined with a little extra virgin olive oil to add flavor.

Light or Extra light olive oil undergoes significant processing and at the end only retains a very mild olive flavor. Sometimes it is even blended with other vegetable oils.

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