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Weight Loss Tips - The Benefits Of Eating Small Regular Meals

When it comes to weight loss eating small regular meals is highly regarded as one of the best ways to help control your weight. This article will explain how eating small regular meals throughout the day can help train your body to stop storing calories.

If you don't eat regularly your bodies' metabolism slows down, and your body begins to store more of the food that you eat. If you're the type of person that misses breakfast and eats at unregular times of the day meal then you are effectively training your body to store fat and calories as your body doesn't know when you will eat again.

If you eat more regularly your metabolism begins to speed up because your body begins to learn that more food will soon be eaten so it begins to burn off the calories instead of storing them as it would when you are eating less regularly.

Always eat breakfast as this kicks your metabolism into life for the day ahead and try to eat something healthy every 2 -3 hours. It is important to have a balanced diet and try to eat foods that have a high thermic effect.

The thermic effect is basically works on the principle of how many calories your body burns through eating,chewing and digesting food.

High protein foods for example have what is known as a high thermic effect. The thermic effect scale ranges from 3% to 30%. High protein foods such as fish and poultry for example have a thermic effect of 30%. This means that digestion burns 30% of the calories alone. Complex carbohydrates have a thermic effect of around 20% and at the lower end of the scale come fats and refined carbs.

And of course don't forget to exercise to help your body burn up the calories.

So in conclusion, eating small regular healthy meals helps to increase your metabolism reducing your bodies need to store fat and calories.

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