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BodyBuilder's Guide To Carbohydrates - Sources And Timing

Carbohydrates (Carbs) are an essential part of the bodybuilders diet, and are your bodies preferred source of energy. Your body stores carbs as glycogen in the liver and muscle tissues.When your body needs energy, it begins the process of Glycolisis, which is the process of converting carbs and sugar to energy. When your body is lacking carbs, it can and will use protein and muscle tissue as an energy source. This is known as the catabolic state, when your body breaks down its own muscle for energy. Only through a properly planned and executed diet, a bodybuilder can obtain sufficient carbohydrate intake to reach its fullest muscle building potential.

In order to build muscle and not gain fat, it is crucial for a bodybuilder to understand the different types of carbohydrates available, and the proper timing for each source. This article will cover these topics, as well as the nutritional value of carbohydrate sources ideal for muscle building.

Types of Carbohydrates: There are 3 main types of carbohydrates a BodyBuilder, and HardGainer especially, should be concerned with. Simple carbs, Complex carbs, and Dietary Fiber.

Simple Carbs (Sugars)-Provide immediate energy by entering the blood stream quickly, and creating an insulin spike in the body. If Simple Carbs are not quickly used as energy, they will be stored as fat. Fruits, juices, and basically anything with sugar are examples of Simple Carbs.
Complex Carbs (Starches)-Actually contain more sugar than Simple Carbs, but provide a slower release in the blood stream. Therefore, your body has a longer time to utilize this source before it is stored as fat. Potatoes, rice, oats, and pasta are examples of Complex Carbs.
Dietary Fiber-Plays an extremely important role in the body by assisting in the removal of waste. Fiber is crucial in a bodybuilder's diet as a high protein, high calorie diet will cause constipation in many. Beans, corn, and broccoli are examples of dietary fiber.

Timing: Due to the quick response of Simple Carbs, they are ideal in situations when your body is in dire need of replenishing its glycogen stores. This occurs in the morning upon waking, and immediately after your workout. In the morning consider eating fruit, and post-workout consider a dextrose powder. Due to the slower, extended release of Complex Carbs, they are ideal pre-workout, when you need fuel for a workout, and throughout the day when you need a constant source of nutrients to fuel the muscle building process. Fiber sources should be consumed earlier on in the day to be able to work effectively throughout the day to aid in the waste removal process. Bodybuilders should attempt to stop eating carbohydrates approximately 2 hours before bed. When you are not active, such as when you sleep, your body will not need to use the carbohydrates for energy, and will tend to store them as fat.
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