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Five Herbs May Fight Cancer

Herbs for cancer generally refer to herbal supplements that may support in preventing the onset of cancerous growths and promoting general well-being by boosting the body's immune system.

Here are Five Herbs that may help to fight cancer

Echinacea: It is one of the best blood purifiers and an effective antibiotic. It helps to activate the human immune system increasing the chances of fighting off any disease. This popular herb has been used to help ward off the common cold and to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Dandelion: It is used traditionally as a remarkable healing and preventive herb. Dandelion is good for the liver and digestion and it is considered an excellent diuretic. It purifies and nourishes the blood, stimulates bile flow, increases stomach juices and relieves constipation.

Valerian: It has been used as a mild tranquilizer and sleep aid for over 1,000 years. It promotes better sleeping and to eliminate some of the anxiety of a cancer patient.

Astragalus: It is a traditional Chinese herb that has been in use for two thousand years, it is another cancer-fighting herb that has been shown to slow down metastasis (spread of cancer cells) and to stimulate the immune system’s T-cells. Astragalus also protects against the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Burdock: It has been traditionally used as a "blood purifier" to clear the bloodstream of toxins, as a diuretic. It also contains proven anti-cancer compounds that have shown to be active against leukemia, lymphoma and various types of tumours. It has many medicinal qualities and has been used in many herbal remedies.

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