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What Is The Difference Between Nutrisystem Advanced And Nutrisystem Nourish?

It can get really confusing when diet plans change the name of their programs or foods. I am often asked what is the difference between the Nutrisytem's Advanced or Nourish programs. People want to know which they should chose.

The truth is, Nutrisystem Nourish is no longer available, so you couldn't chose this one even if you wanted to. The Advanced program has replaced it. Basically, the company has just revamped their weight loss program, added new foods, motivation, counseling, and exercise videos.

Additionally, Tori Spelling (who is now pregnant with her second child and obviously can not be dieting) has been replaced with Jillian Barberie and Marie Osmond who have both lost over 40 pounds.

On the new program, you still eat five times per day and you still eat the company's pre made meals and add your own low fat additions. There are still carb friendly comfort foods, snacks, and desserts. (There are still over 130 choices including pizza, tacos, macaroni and cheese, nachos, and many desserts.)

In my opinion though, the Advanced changes are improvements. I feel you are really getting a lot more for your money. They have added free weight loss counseling. This is a huge benefit. If you've ever looked at weight loss online or Jenny Craig, you know these programs are more expensive or have monthly fees in order to pay for this support. This is completely free with Nutrisystem. You are only paying for your food. Online forums, articles, and support has always been available, but now you can either email, live online chat, or personally call a weight loss counselor at no cost.

Also, they now include free motivational literature and exercise DVDs with every monthly order. This makes this diet plan more about a lifestyle change rather than just changing your eating habits. I believe this increases the rate of and length of success.

Finally, omega fatty acids and fiber have been added to the foods. This is suppose to help your heart and give you a feeling of being full. Also, a few new food choices have been added. I don't find that the food tastes much different. I've always found the taste quite good for the most part and I still do. At this point, I am used to the portion size and I am not usually hungry after eating, so I can not really say if it is more filling.

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