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3 Little Known Tips For Avoiding Vitamin C Supplements That Waste Your Money

One of the biggest scams supplement consumers fall for is high potency vitamin C supplements. There are lots of nutrients being marketed as "high potency" these days, but with vitamin C, it's particularly bad.

Why is this?

It's because vitamin C is so popular. Everyone, even kids, knows that vitamin C helps your body stay healthy. You don't have to be sold on the effectiveness idea of vitamin C, unlike, say, grape seed extract. You're already receptive, so companies can turn huge profits by producing cheaply formulated products and using a little deceptive marketing to sell them.

In this article, we'll break down high potency vitamin C supplements and give you a better alternative. You'll never waste another dime on the wrong products.

(1) No Synergy

Vitamin C is often sold as a single-ingredient supplement. The label will make a claim like "3000 % Recommended Daily Allowance" or something. But this sort of product has no synergy. Synergy is when a nutrient in a supplement formula becomes more effective by combining with other nutrients. This is very important; it's why you should only buy supplements that are scientifically formulated by a biochemist.

Synergy with other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbal extracts makes vitamin C more effective and more absorbable by your body. A daily mega-dose can't do that.

(2) Cheap Ingredient

Did you know that vitamin C is one of the cheapest ingredients for supplement companies to use? Does that change things for you, knowing that? Companies produce high potent vitamin C supplements, not because they're more effective, but because there's little cost in manufacturing them. Cheap supplements are cheap for a reason.

Vitamin C supplements are the domain of bottom feeders in the dietary supplements industry---companies with zero formulating expertise, little respect for the consumer, but a whole lot of experience in tricking people out their money.

(3) Lack of Other Nutrients

What about other nutrients? By taking high potent vitamin C supplements, you're ignoring everything else, even nutrients that are 50 times more powerful than vitamin C. Are you going to take each nutrient as an individual supplement? Have you considered the enormous cost of doing that?

Instead of mixing and matching supplements on your own (which won't work), you should look for a comprehensive supplement. One that contains 60, 70, or 80 ingredients scientifically blended, including vitamin C in its proper amount. This kind of supplement maximizes health benefits.

Now do you understand why you should leave vitamin C supplements on the shelf? These 3 tips should have made it clear to you. Whenever you think of buying a vitamin C supplement, just remember what you'll be getting:

No Synergy
Cheap Ingredient
No Other Nutrients
It may seem like I'm bashing vitamin C pretty good in this article. But it's not vitamin C that's the problem; it's how these lowlife supplement companies package it as a high potency vitamin. Any professional-grade supplement should contain vitamin C and lot of other nutrients.

Be smart - a supplement is long-term investment in your health.

Zach Zufall is the author of the free 6-Day Mini-Course, "The Consumers' Guide to Choosing a Supplement That'll Slow Your Aging Process".

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