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Allegra D Helps in Curing and Reducing Allergies

Allegra D is an antihistamine which reduces naturally the chemical histamine present in the body. The effect of histamine produces certain symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and itching.

Drug Uses

Allegra D cures and relives the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as rhinitis in both children and adults. It occurs in children of age of twelve years and older. Symptoms which occur such as itchy throat/ nose/and palate, sneezing, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, itchy/red eyes/and watery.

How to take the drug

Allegra D should be taken twice in a day both in morning as well as evening on daily basis for children age group of twelve years and older. It is being approved that Allegra D should be not taken with food and should be avoided. In the starting treatment, Allegra D should be consumed once a tablet in a day on daily basis. It is for the patients who are on decreasing renal function.


Allegra D should not be taken by a person suffering from diseases such as lung, thyroid problem, asthma, diabetes, enlarged prostrate or urinary retention, liver or kidney disease, increasing pressure in eye or glaucoma, then a person suffering from heart diseases such as irregular heartbeat or high or low blood pressure. Even the people who have consumed monoamine oxidize inhibitors in last fourteen days should not take Allegra D. People suffering for all the able problems will not required a monitory treatment of Allegra D. Allegra D is in the category C of FDA pregnancy. Allegra D treatment would not be taken without consulting the doctor, as it could be harmful for the unborn baby. Even it is not proved that Allegra can pass in the breast milk. Even do not take allegro, if you are feeding your baby with your own breast milk. Allegra D is not been approved by the doctors for children below the age of twelve years.

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