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Herbal Treatment For Arthritis

Herbal treatments can safely be used for treating Arthritis. It no only relieves the affected part but cure the whole body off the disease. The advantage of using herbs is that they are safe even when it is taken in higher dosage than prescribed. Herbs can be used by the affected person and the unaffected person in the same way. While it will uproot and prevent the illness form reoccurring in the affected person, its use will enhance the immune system of the unaffected person. Since it is free from adverse effects, it can be used safely till the patient gets completely cured.

Burdock Root purifies the blood and reduces the swelling in the joints.

Comfrey helps to soothe and heal swollen tissues in a remarkable way,

The root of black cohosh which consists of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory substances helps in bringing down arthritis pain.

The extract from the Shallaki has given promising results and has brought about significant reduction in the stiffness, pain and swelling among arthritis patients.

The herbal treatment for arthritis has proven to strengthen the body and treat the disease effectively.

The cod liver oil reduces the stiffness and pain from the joint that normally occurs during frigid winter seasons. Cod liver oil is supposed to have several health benefits one of which includes pain reduction in arthritis patients.

Potato juice is prepared by putting the peeled slices of potato in a glass of water and keeping it overnight. This juice should be consumed first in the morning on empty stomach. This simple herbal treatment of arthritis is preferred by many.

The alkaline properties from the leafy vegetables combined with carrot and beetroot juice produces excellent results. It helps in dissolving the deposits that accumulates in the joints and tissues.

The juice of pineapple subsides the swelling and inflammation that occurs due to arthritis.
The intake of sesame seeds that has be soaked overnight in water is supposed to have
Wonderful effects on people suffering from arthritis

The anti inflammatory properties of garlic treat arthritis effectively. This is one of the most effective herbal remedies in the treatment of arthritis.

The presence of B6, in bananas also helps in the treatment of arthritis.

The citric acid present in lime juice wards off arthritis. Massaging the affected area with mustard and coconut oil along with a few pieces of camphor intensifies blood supply producing soothing results. The herbs used in the treatment of arthritis are time tested and generally known to produce results.

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