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Mangosteen FAQs


Mangosteen is a tropical fruit tree. Its fruit is made up of outer layer called rind (or pericarp), an interior fruit, and large seeds. It is believed to have originated in tropical countries such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Q: Is mangosteen in any way related to mangoes?

A: Although there is a resemblance on the names because both fruits come from the same family (Guttiferae), as far as the appearance, taste, texture, and other chemical characteristics are concerned, mangosteen and mangoes are quite different from each other.

Q: I heard mangosteen contains chemical compounds called Xanthones. What is it?

A: Xanthones are a very stable chemical compounds. They perform strong antioxidizing activities. Xanthones are very versatile because they share the same structure, molecularly speaking, but each one is unique in terms of molecular side chains. Different varieties of xanthones perform a specific biological bodily function.

Q: How much Xanthones are there in mangosteen?

A: Mangosteen contains over forty natural Xanthones, with the pericap having the richest concentration. Take note that Xanthones rarely occur in nature, that is why the rich existence of Xanthones is what makes mangosteen unique and popular. Besides this, mangosteen also contains a lot of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and bioflavanoids.

Q: How do I make juice from mangosteen?

A: Mangosteen juice is made by liquefying the seeds, rind, and flesh of the mangosteen. Manufacturers of the juice reveal that the whole mangosteen fruit is used in their juice blend. This would mean that they do include the pulp, pericap, and the seeds.

Q: What is the recommended daily intake of the mangosteen juice?

A: The truth is, there is no actual number that can be stated here. Some suggest that an ounce daily is already enough for one's nutrition for both adults and children. However, many people do take larger amounts and do not complain about overdose. Hence, this is more of a personal point and depends on how much your body can take in.

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