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Mangosteen juice research is one of the most heavily covered topics in the nutritional supplement world. The biggest promoter of the juice is a company called "XANGO". They have a large multi-level marketing distribution network set up to market their product which is based on the mangosteen carp. They make health benefit claims including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and even helping with joint pain. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

According to the Xango owners they maintain the following:

"Also known as the queen of fruits, mangosteen contains xanthones, an incredibly potent antioxidant with many health benefits ranging from maintaining a healthy immune system protection to promoting joint flexibility".

XanGo Juice is a formulation featuring mangosteen whole fruit puree, utilizing all the xanthone-laden components of the fruit. The result is a very delicious beverage that brings a wealth of great health benefits.

XanGo Juice is the first commercial product to encompass the complete nutrition of the whole mangosteen fruit. XanGo Juice proponets say they are the "new super stars of liquid health supplements." XanGo Juice distributors claim that xango is even being referred to as the most successful food supplement...EVER!

Guess what - every nutritional company on the planet makes these claims !! I do not like to hear promises of "cures". People promoting the product will always find something good to say about their health and give the reason for their new found healthier situation as the product they are promoting.
Laughter and less stress will also can make you healthier. Maybe the fact that they feel they are succeeding with the product and have a better attitude toward life, their health is also improving.

Is mangosteen juice better than tomato juice, grape juice, orange juice and the great green juices/powders we get at our local health food store? Do the research and try them out and see how you feel yourself. One thing everyone agrees upon - eating more fruits and vegetables will improve your health so drink up.

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