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Nutrition Tips For a Healthy Life

First of all, what is nutrition? Nutrition is the food that you provide your body with in order for all your vital organs and systems to function properly. The human body functions in a very specific way and the amount of nutrients it needs in order to stay in optimum shape are very specific as well. This is why you can find the nutrition facts posted on every eatable product you buy. The label has the daily percentage values of each of the food groups and if you pay close attention to it, you will notice that you are probably constantly overeating on certain food groups and nutrients.

One of the nutrients that you most likely constantly over consume is sodium. Excessive amounts of salt is why eating in fast food restaurants is so bad. If you buy a burger and fries, you will easily reach over 70% (or more) of the suggested daily intake of sodium. Constantly consuming excessive amounts of sodium can lead to kidney stones, high blood pressure, and other undesirable conditions.

Your body needs salt to function and you should provide it with just the right amount. You will need extra salt if you exercise a lot. One of the ways that you loose a lot of salt is by sweating. This is when eating foods that have a lot of salt in them is good for your body. And this is also the reason why people who are into sports prefer to drink Gatorade than water. A good site where you can learn more about how you can reduce your sodium intake is the Health and Fitness for You. You can also learn other great ways to keep your body healthy.

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