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The Simplest Acid Reflux Food Plan For Treatment and Health

Because acid reflux has a lot to do with the enzymes and acid in our stomach, we need to be careful of what we eat. Doctors will often recommend the elimination of certain foods from your diet, but treating acid reflux doesn't have to be a daunting move. In fact, it could be an opportunity to have fun making recipes that treat your condition as well as benefit your overall health. This article will show you how to prepare acid reflux food with very simple recipes for your daily nutritional needs.

What to Avoid - Of course, the first thing you'll need to know is to familiarize yourself with foods you need to avoid. When following regular recipes, make sure the required ingredients don't contain foods that can trigger or aggravate acid reflux. You should first cut down on fats. This means choosing recipes that require cooking methods other than frying or deep-frying. For example, choose recipes that require baking, steaming, or grilling.

Don't use too much spices like chili pepper, as they can damage the inner lining of the esophagus. Also avoid using citrus fruits like lemons and oranges for your dessert, snack, juice or dressing, as they are highly acidic. A few vegetables are also acidic, such as tomatoes and raw onions, so avoid using them in salads, sauces and other dishes.

Food Options for Breakfast - Now that you have an idea of what foods to avoid, try out some interesting recipes that incorporate healthy, acid reflux food. For breakfast, get a handful of frozen blueberries and blitz together with a banana and low-fat soymilk, so you can replace your coffee with this delicious, energy-boosting drink (coffee is a big no for sufferers of acid reflux, whether it is regular coffee or decaffeinated).

You may have oatmeal or cereals with your smoothie to start your day. You may also spread low-fat cream cheese over multi-wheat bread. Teaming oatmeal, cereals, or bread with a smoothie should be enough to keep you energized during the day. Remember, eating large meals in just 3 sittings a day can contribute to acid reflux, so smaller, more frequent meals are recommended.

Lunch Options - To split up your food intake throughout the day, bring an apple at work for a healthy snack before lunch. When lunch comes, you can have a sandwich with a turkey filling. Turkey is often eaten as a low-fat alternative to beef patties. You may also have baked skinless chicken with rosemary, thyme, and mushroom sauce coupled with steamed cauliflower on the side.

Snack Foods - For your second snack of the day, you can have another apple or have some fun with yogurt. Sprinkle cereal, raisins, and nuts over plain yogurt and then pour over some honey for more taste. You may also simply snack on another apple or banana as long as you keep it light.

Preparing Dinner - For dinner, try using lean, low-fat meat like veal or fish. You can grill your veal or cook fish by wrapping it in a foil/baking paper and placing it in the oven for around 20 minutes. This way you also retain the flavor and moisture of the fish. Couple your food with baked potato or rice.

Is a fibrous diet a good natural remedy for acid reflux? Discover more about acid reflux food diet today!

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