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Green Tea Supplements - a Healthy Option?

Green tea, long used as both a beverage and a medicine in China, is gaining popularity in the rest of the world. As research indicates more and more benefits from drinking it, various companies are manufacturing green tea supplements. These can be useful for those who either do not wish to drink tea, or who want higher concentrations of the antioxidant and fat-burning properties than are readily available through drinking tea as a beverage.

Green Tea Benefits

Its health benefits are varied. It has been shown to lower cholesterol, burn and oxidize fat, and fight free radicals. Worldwide studies indicate that it may be useful in fighting cancer and diabetes. It has even more antioxidants than broccoli! It is also thought to be an anti-inflammatory that may help sufferers of arthritis. It is no wonder that people want to take this miraculous food in concentrated capsule or liquid form.

Supplements Potency

The amount of green tea varies from one brand to another. Liquid extracts are generally more concentrated than capsules. Labels will sometimes claim that a serving is equivalent to a certain number of cups of tea.

If you are taking green tea supplements for their high antioxidant properties, look at the label. It will tell you how many milligrams of tea antioxidants it contains. In addition, it will usually guarantee a particular percentage of epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. This is the name of the polyphenol that is so beneficial as an antioxidant.

Weight Loss Magic

This tea has been touted for its efficacy as a weight loss aid. The polyphenols it contains interact with other chemicals to increase fat burning, or thermogenesis. Green tea extract is used in combination with other ingredients in many weight loss and muscle building formulas.

Supplements Versus The Real Thing

Should you take a green tea supplement, or drink it? That's probably a matter of taste. There is no conclusive evidence that a supplement provides greater health benefits than drinking tea, or vice versa. Tea is generally less expensive, and there is the added benefit that you will be drinking extra water in all of those cups of tea. The bottom line is, take it any way you want, but get your cup of tea in every day!

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