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Health Benefits of Niacin

The body can produce its own Niacin from protein in more detail the amino acid tryptophan; our bodies can process foods such as organ meats, eggs, fish, liver, and peanuts and transform these foods into B3. The B vitamins are an essential support to the nervous system. B12 has been known to help patients who suffer with depression.

I first became fascinated with the B vitamins while attending a wellness group at Illinois Masonic Hospital. It was a support group for women who had experienced a major health crisis. There was one woman attending because of suffering with Bipolar, and I learned from her how she faithfully takes all her Be everyday. I was attending the group as a survival from a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Niacin And Type I Diabetes

Beyond the positive effects of B complex vitamins on mood, or emotional stability, there are other areas of usefulness where B3is concerned according to some dietitians patients with type I diabetes can benefit from taking B3. By taking the supplement early into the beginning stages of type I to stop the progression of diabetes. Medical research studies state that Niacin stimulates insulin secretion.

Niacin At Work

The nutrients in niacin enlarges the blood vessels and removes lipids from arterial walls.

People who suffer from trouble sleeping can benefit with niacin, it has sleep-inducing abilities. I visited our local health food store in town, and spoke with the herbalist, nutritionist about the B-complex vitamins. It was an interesting visit, the nutritionist told me about boasting.

For me it was a new term I had never heard of boasting. Forgive me for being a novice in regard to this term.

Boosting is simple, you take the B complex vitamin which already includes all the Bs, and then you take another single dose of B (for B2) on top of the B complex which boost the effect of the particular single dose you took.

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