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Home Remedies For Candida Depression - Recipes to Get Rid of Candida For Good!

You do not need to force yourself to fight Candida and the depression caused by it! In this article you will find a few very simple and powerful home remedies for Candida and depression.

These remedies have come to us from ancient times. They are ignored by Western medicine, but are very well known and being used widely all over the world, they work and work perfectly well with great results!

First Avoid:

Antibiotics, steroids: cortisone, prednisone, birth-control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, poor diet, chemotherapy, radiation, stress, too often showers and baths, alcohol overuse.
These things cause the Candida to grow and prosper.

Now it's time to fight the candida! Here are a few recipes and products that help get rid of candida for good:

- Acidophilus fights Candida infection. Use a non-dairy formula.

- Grapefruit seed extract helps the body to get rid of potentially harmful microorganisms.

- Garlic is known as simple but one of the strongest things that fight Candida, but I am talking about real fresh garlic, not the capsule one! Eat it at dinner and supper; if you need to get rid of its "bad" odor, you can chew either coffee grains or chew the parsley root or green - it will eliminate the smell of garlic. The effect of garlic would be almost immediate!

- Take aloe vera juice, which is known as a booster for the white blood cells' ability to kill yeast cells. If you have aloe as a plant in your house - just take a fresh leaf, keep it in refrigerator for a few hours for better effect, the squeeze it to the glass of plain water and slowly drink it. It works very well to help your body to get rid of Candida infection.

- Take some type of fiber daily. Oat bran or flax seed would be a good source.

- Drink tap-filtered water, do not use boiled water - it is"dead" water and it does not have healthy properties to help you.

- Avoid household chemical products and cleaners, chlorinated water, mothballs, synthetic textiles, etc.

(Note: If you are unsure about any of these methods, please consult with your Doctor. Unless otherwise specified, these dosages are recommended are for adults. For child between the ages of twelve and seventeen, reduce the dose to three-quarters of the recommended amount; for child between six and twelve use one-half of the recommended dose and for child under the age of six, use one-quarter of the recommended amount).

Author Bio:These products can be found at your local health stores or pharmacies and have very powerful anti fungal and health benefits! You can also find tons more unusual and extraordinary health information here!

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