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What Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is All About

China is considered as the foundation of herbal medicines in the known world. In fact, modern societies today are incorporating the use of curative plant and animal parts into their treatment methods in addressing health-related problems.

Despite the fact that modern medical treatment methods are available in many hospitals during this age and time, many individuals today are making use of this alternative cure in ridding themselves of health problems that may worsen if not properly cared for.

The Concept Of Chinese Herbal Medicine

According to Chinese medical experts, the human body is like a universe of its own, where each component is connected with another to achieve a sense of harmony in both function and result. In such cases, the body is divided into divisions that will affect the treatment prescribed by these professionals; such as the Yin and Yang, the five elements, energy pathways, and so on. It is a common Chinese belief that illnesses and diseases are the directly result of the improper function of these divisions, and may further deteriorate that state of your health if not addressed immediately.

Traditional Chinese medical experts believe that the curative properties found in plants and animals have a direct effect on these divisions, promoting proper function, thus, restoring the body to its natural, healthy state.

How Experts Prescribe Proper Treatment

It is very important that you consult with an expert before you make use of traditional Chinese herbal medicines to maximize treatment. You might expect that these professional will ask you for drug tests, medical exams, X-rays, and so on; in truth, these practitioners will carefully observe your body through a series of physical tests, as well as direct questions that will help them figure out the current state of your body's health.

The most common tests performed by Chinese medical experts includes pulse readings, hearing, smelling, and touching your meridian points to determine if there is a blockage in your body's energy pathways. A modern individual might find these methods disconcerting considering that modern medical experts find them unreliable; but you should realize that this has been in practice since ancient times.

Herbal Medicines Prescribed To Patients

There are different herbal medicines prescribed to patients by these traditional Chinese medical experts. Normally, these experts will prescribe packets of herbal mixtures that will be administered orally depending on their instructions. Some are combination herbs pickled in a big jar where the patient is required to take a few sips at a time according to the prescribed dosage.

It is very important that you stick with the instruction given by your medical experts to avoid any health risks, especially in the case of self-medication. Even if you know someone who is using herbal medicine for illnesses that is similar with yours, we can never fully predict how it will affect you, since your body is quite different with theirs. -- Herbal Medicine

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