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A Vitamin a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Vitamins to me have made some annoying issues subside or diminish.

Mind me it's not about serious health issues but mostly annoying issues.

In some of my other articles I have mentioned what the vitamins I have been taking have made some great changes in very annoying symptoms I have experienced.

One that made my life so much more bearable by that I mean not having those flashing bright lights happening much more than I could bear.

And with this small vitamin that most of us take every day or just once in a while has stopped these lights.

But when I stop for a short time these lights come back and even worse than before.

This very important vitamin is a garlic pill, oh yes, and this is such an easy way to either diminish them or stop them altogether as they have done this for me.

I have not had a single episode in over 3 years.

Now that is wonderful.

I am not a Doctor and I just have experienced these and just could not wait to share it with all.

Another vitamin is the Primrose Oil.

Yes it worked for me when I have tender breasts, I have no idea how it works but these painful issues stopped within a couple of days just taking the suggested amount.

Vitamins sometimes are quite a quick fix.

But you and I know that vitamins do not take the place of our fruits, veggies, etc. They are there for those of you who don't eat properly and these little vitamins can make such a huge difference in your well being.

This is not new to us, we read about vitamins everywhere.

But some of you think, sure a little ole vitamin can do this?

Oh yes, and I have proven that it works for me and I am here to tell you what these 2 vitamins have done for me.

So just try a bottle if you have any of these issues?

But if you are on any medications check first with your Doctor.

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