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Food is a Big Reason Why Biggest Losers Lose So Much Weight

Food is a Big Reason Why Biggest Losers Lose So Much Weight
Do You Know Why?

Another reason Biggest Losers lose so much weight is The Food. Motivation got these people selected for the event that will change and influence many others to follow their example.Team work involves every body's participation in being able to follow direction and be good examples for the viewer's. Goal setting gives continuity to the show and helps to identify progress and measure success, but what makes it all happen is The Food. Yes, what they eat is what makes them lose safely. Yes, you see my opinion is clear, The Food is a major reason people lose and exercise is not part of those reasons.

To lose 1 pound you need to eat 3500 calories less than what you are use to eating. Now, do the math, if a contestant eats 8000 calories a day and drops the calorie intake from whatever source to 4500 calories on one day, that contestant will lose 1 pound. He has to eat healthy and maintain a good balance of nutrients to maintain good health and that is why they are very closely supervised. This explains the results. When someone as lost 10 lbs in one week, it just means that he has eaten 35000 less calories in that week.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, you are asking yourself what does exercise have to do with it? It helps keep their mind off eating. Giving them challenges motivates them and keeps the show exciting. Watching them work out is inspiring to say the least. It helps burn some of those calories but not as much as you think. Look up how much activity you need to do to burn off 1 pound or 3500 calories and you will see that these people don't have enough hours in a day to burn off 10 pounds in one week. We all know the benefits of exercising. My point is that it is not as important as you think.

The last chance workout, before weigh in, burns less calories than you think. The show is based on results. The reason most of these people get the weight off and maintain it is because they have gone to biggest loser 101. They are learning how to eat better and leave with all the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle results are long lasting. The ultimate winner is the one that as used all the tools in the best possible way. Yes, exercise and effort make the winner be the winner. It does help that person lose a little more than most and that is why there is a winner, effort, motivation, team worker, goal oriented and discipline. All these factors help determine the best.

This Program really works because it follows simple basic principles, lets review some of them: You need to be Motivated. You need to be part of a team-Team Work. You need to have very clearly defined Goals. You must eat the right Foods.This is the way I see it. Food for thought.

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