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Acai Berry Distributors


The Acai berry trend has been the talk of the town for months now. It gained so much attention after being featured in a popular talk show in the US, aside from that, the various health benefits which have been associated with this fruit have become one of the reasons why many people were enticed to try the different Acai berry products. Furthermore, due to this fruit's popularity, there was an increase in the number of different distributing companies already sell Acai berry products online. Available products range from juice, powder for smoothies, puree, and diet supplements or pills.

Nearly all companies opt to sell Acai fruit products online which make it more accessible for consumers, rather than putting up physical stores. If you try to browse online offers for the different products particularly supplements, large number of risk-free trial offers are promoted by most manufacturers and distributors. Other distributors selling Acai berry products also take in promotional tools like a year magazine subscriptions. The continuous increase in demand resulted to the need of increasing the supply which made way for many bogus distributors to practice unacceptable schemes.

Though most require your credit card information especially for free trials since you have to pay for the shipping and handling costs, others see this as an advantage to charge more to their customers account. Some also make it difficult for their customers to cancel their subscription. This is not a new issue in the Internet business, but opportunists found new ways in technically stealing from people.

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