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How to determine the number of calories and nutrients needed per day?


Thank goodness for all those food labels, the lists on nearly every bottle, box and jar in the supermarket, detailing the item's ingredients and nutritional content. By reading these labels, consumers gain tremendous information about their diets.

However, the data on these labels are by necessity calculated to suit a generic American adult, one who takes in 2,000 calories per day. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency that monitors food labels, can't possibly customize the information for everyone. But what if you're a 200-pound, six-foot-two, 25-year-old man? You require closer to 3,100 calories per day, and the amount of protein, fat, iron, etc., that you require will be far different from the needs of, say, a 120-pound, 70-year-old woman who's five-foot-four. Children, teenagers, pregnant women, athletes their daily caloric needs vary widely... keep on reading..

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