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Fish High in Omega 3 - How to Find the Best EPA and DHA Sources Available


The omega-3 acids that are found in different types of fish are very good for the health of your heart, but they play a major part in the brain function too.

They are responsible for the normal development and growth of the human body. Some recent studies have proven that the consumption of fish high in omega-3 can greatly reduce the risks of sudden cardiac death and all the other conditions of the heart.

Two of the species of fish high in omega 3 are tuna and hoki. The tuna has a very high level of omega-3 and it is a very tasty food too. You can consume it either in sushi or in the classical sandwiches with canned tuna.

The only problem with the tuna is that it is a large fish that has many chances to get contaminated with the toxins from the waters. It is perfectly healthy for you to consume as long as you don't do it in excess.

A good alternative to the tuna is hoki, another fish high in omega 3. Hoki is a fish that lives somewhere near New Zealand, in the Southern Ocean. It is a sort of fish rich in omega-3 and it is as beneficial as the tuna for your health.

If you do not enjoy eating so much fish, you can easily go for some supplements that are derived from species of fish high in omega 3.

The main benefit of these supplements is that they are purified. This means all the toxins from the fish are removed and the product is a very healthy one. You can look for supplements that are developed from hoki and tuna in order to preserve the benefits these fish high in omega 3 have for the human body.

The supplements of fish oil are recommended for both adults and children in order to preserve an optimum overall state of health and enjoy a long life without illnesses or diseases.

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