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The Health Benefits of Green Tea - Discover How to Make Your Own Green Tea


There is plenty ways that we can carry out towards improving our immune system. Green tea has been reputed to fight virus in the plants grown by the tobacco farmers of the south. It appears that one of the active constituent found in the green tea averts crop damage that results from the tobacco mosaic virus. This element of the tea is none other then catechin which supplies us with the antioxidant for which the tea has become identical with.

During research tests it was discovered that the catechin has a very strapping effect upon the influenza virus as well. It seems to attach and deactivate the virus causing it to appear dormant. For us it means we are quickly over the dreaded flu or virus that we unintentionally caught. By merely drinking a daily cup or two of green tea we can drastically improve our immune system to the point where we are virtually virus free.

It was an encouraging situation when this virus fighting attribute was discovered for it tended to unchain several additional avenues towards possibly resolving the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS virus. By all indications this much feared infectious disease may perchance be heading to in the way of many other previously dominated diseases.

Green Tea also make you lose more weight, feel better, & prevent more harmful diseases than any other tea treatment.

Did you know that you can make your own green tea?
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