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Why we need breakfast


There are so many people choose to skip breakfast. Plenty of studies show that people who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be classed as obese, are less likely to develop diabetes and to succumb to heart disease, and yet many people still fall into the trap of believing that if they miss breakfast they will lose more weight faster. The truth, though, is that missing breakfast simply messes up people's metabolism and makes them more prone to bingeing on junk food, and thus breakfast should be considered essential for weight management.

Eating a healthy breakfast, rich in complex carbohydrates, calcium,protein, and minerals and vitamins, sets people up for the day, as they have energy. They may wake up feeling drowsy, and breakfast provides the perfect opportunity to perk themselves up. Their bodies need nourishment having been deprived of food for a considerable amount of time, and eating breakfast can boost people's metabolism, helping the body to burn fat more effectively. Their blood sugar levels will also benefit from a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast giving them energy.

When people feel as if they have energy they are generally in a more positive frame of mind, being better able to cope with stress and with other people, and can concentrate more on what they are doing. There is also more potential for them to be physically active, as they will be able to walk or cycle to work if they want, without feeling extremely drained. Exercising is obviously another essential feature of a healthy lifestyle, which eating breakfast can facilitate.

People who are eat breakfast in the morning are less likely to reach for junk food, as they have no need to. Individuals who are continually hungry, having not received the energy and nutrients needed at breakfast time, are more likely to make poor dietary choices to give them the quick-fix they need to keep them going. Their energy levels may temporarily increase, but they will soon revert back to feeling lethargic and ill-tempered.

Therefore breakfast should be a priority for anyone who wants to control their weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It might be tempting for some people to simply cut calories by missing a meal, but doing so only jeopardises their ability to practise weight management effectively, as well as their overall sense of well-being.

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Mark said...

Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I too do not feel very hungry in the morning but I have whole grain breakfast cereal with soy milk and sliced banana or blueberries. Remember you have fasted through the evening and night (breakfast means break your fast of course), so your body needs nutrition. Find yourself a healthy breakfast that you enjoy. You don't have to eat a lot of it.

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