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Liquid Vitamins and Minerals - Why You Should Take Liquid Vitamins and Minerals


Are you like millions of other people who wonder if they are getting the proper amount of nutrients from their diet? Very few of us can claim to follow a balanced diet. Some of us have absolutely horrible diets that are loaded with sugar, fat and over processed foods. Maybe you have thought about taking vitamin and mineral supplements, but hate the idea of swallowing tons of pills. If so, liquid vitamins and minerals might be the answer.

Let's be honest. It's very hard to maintain a so called balanced diet. Many of us lead fast paced lives and find it difficult to prepare healthy nutritious meals every day. Some people hate fruits and vegetables. To make matters even worst is that we are constantly bombarded with commercials from the fast food giants enticing us with their high fat, high sodium meals.

We all know how important it is to get the proper amount of nutrients to stay healthy, that's why ten of millions of Americans routinely take vitamins and mineral supplements. Even still, millions of people do not take any kind of nutritional supplements because they hate swallowing pills. If you hate taking vitamin and mineral supplements in pill form you can still get the nutrients you need by taking liquid vitamins and minerals.

There are three great advantages for taking liquid vitamins and minerals. Those advantages are number one, there are no pills to swallow. Number two, liquid vitamins and minerals have a better absorption ratio than pills. And number three, even if you are consuming a fairly "good" diet, there is an ever increasing deficiency in our soil which means that our produce may not contain the optimum amount of nutrients. Let's examine each of these points.

There are no pills to swallow. More people than you might think avoid taking vitamins and minerals just because they have serious difficulty swallowing those huge horsey pills. For some people swallowing pills gives them a choking sensation. I myself have had a few frightening episodes where a few pills were lodged in my throat. For a few scary seconds I thought I was actually going to choke! With liquid supplements you get to drink your nutrition quickly, easily and comfortably.

Liquid supplements have a better absorption ratio than pills. Pills have a much slower absorption rate than liquid supplements and the body uses much more of the actual nutrients from liquids than from the pills. In fact, only 3-10% of the nutrients from pills actually make it throughout your body and into the bloodstream. Because most vitamins and mineral pills have no fat, proteins or carbohydrates, there is no signal to the liver to react and send bile juice to help turn the vitamins and minerals into enzymes.

Here is something that most people don't realize. The quality and the potency of our produce isn't the same as it used to be. Way back in 1936 a senate document alerted Americans to the fact that there was a massive vitamin and mineral deficiency in our nations farmlands.

The frightening fact is that our food (fruits,vegetables,grains) no longer contain enough of certain nutrients. This means that no matter how well you may think your diet is, you may not be getting enough of vital nutrients needed to keep you healthy. That is one of the major reason why you must supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals and one of the best ways of doing so is to consume liquid supplements.

When you take into account that pills are difficult for some people to swallow and that they take much longer to be absorbed into the body, as well as our produce may lack certain vital nutrients, supplementing your diet with liquid vitamins and minerals makes a lot of sense.

Michael Sibley is a former amateur boxer, fitness enthusiast and the owner of Ultra Nutrition Plus, a website featuring high quality natural whole food vitamins and preventative health products. Sign up today for a free news letter for important health tips as well as to receive valuable coupons for great insider discounts on Ultra Nutrition Plus products.

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