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12 reasons why you should eat watermelon...:-)


Sweet treats in the summertime... yummm... especially when these treats are cold and refreshing!

The classic image of going out for ice cream on a hot summer eve can be so appealing, but remains that, an image - at least for those of us who make food choices that don't include refined sugar.

The best way to satisfy that hankering for a cold, refreshing sweet treat in the summer is with watermelon. (A one-cup serving of this healthy, delicious snack is only about forty eight calories!) And satisfying our "summertime sweet tooth" is not the only reason to eat watermelon - here are 12 other very important health reasons to eat this delicious fruit...

1. Provides additional water to the body (watermelon is about 92% water!)

2. Good for bad breath

3. Serves as a hangover remedy

4. Can improve sore throat and mouth sores

5. Cleanses the kidneys (juice the entire watermelon - rind, seeds, and all and drink for a good kidney cleanse)

6. Naturally gets rid of excess fluid in the body - it has diuretic properties

7. Liver supportive - contains glutathione

8. Cleanses blood and strengthens glands - contains chlorophyll

9. It is a good source of potassium

10. Fat free - low in calories, high in energy

11. Nutrients in watermelon include vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C (it also contains fiber and has no fat or cholesterol!)

12. Helps lower the risk of heart disease: watermelon has the highest amount of lycopenes in fruits and veggies according to the USDA Caratenoid.

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