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Green Tea vs Soda

Wild Cherry Pepsi is my one dietary vice. I used to drink 1-3 cans per day.
I didn't have to feel too guilty about this vice. I'm thin and my teeth are resistant to tooth decay; I've never had a cavity. But ever since reading Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan I've wanted to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my diet. Also, there is simply nothing healthy about soda.

I've never been able to drink much water unless it is a hot day and I'm very, very thirsty. I don't drink coffee and I've always been underwhelmed by tea. So I figured I was stuck with Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Then one day I was reading an off-topic discussion in a forum that I frequent. The thread was about health tips and a few people mentioned the wonders of green tea. They went on about how it gives them energy, is loaded with anti-oxidants and they drink it every day.
That night my teenage daughter said she was going to prepare herself a cup of green tea. Green tea? What a coincidence. I didn't even know we had any around the house. She insisted that this particular type of green tea - Stash chai green tea, to be precise - has a wonderful taste because of the spices and doesn't require sugar or honey or anything added to it. I asked her to make me a cup.

Wow! It was good! I've been drinking it 1-2 times per day ever since then. Not all green teas are created equal; I've since tried other types of green tea that were bleah. This is a green tea that is able to satisfy even me, a Wild Cherry Pepsi enthusiast.

Now, before you run off and buy some green tea let me warn you: do not add sugar or milk to the tea! This will minimize the effectiveness of the anti-oxidants. Experiment and find a green tea blend that you like without adding anything to it.

If you aren't motivated to run off and buy some green tea let me give you a list of a few of the health benefits of green tea:

* Helps prevent skin cancer caused by UV rays. So kick back in the sun with some iced green tea.
* Energy expenditure increases.
* It's a natural appetite suppressant. Trust me, you'll be less hungry when you drink green tea every day.
* Has a calming effect, even though there is caffeine in it. Does not increase your blood pressure.
* Has only half the caffeine of a can of Coke. You get all the benefits of caffeine but none of the downsides.
* It's loaded with polyphenols, which are antioxidants and they help fight the free radicals that attack your cells.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Another point to consider: green tea is cheaper than soda too. You can even reuse the tea bags, if you are especially thrifty. Or buy loose tea. It's also easy to carry the tea bags in your purse or wallet or pockets.

If you're a soda addict I hope you will now be motivated to at least give green tea a chance. You won't regret it. And, yes, I still indulge in the occasional Wild Cherry Pepsi but I feel less guilty now.

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