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8 steps to increase your metabolism

One of ways to lose weight is to increase metabolism. Once you get used to it, it's actually pretty easy.

Here are the 8 steps:

  1. DON"T SKIP BREAKFAST!... You've been going hours without food, which isn't good for your metabolism. Eat healthy breakfast such as cereal. Just a little food to tide you over until the next meal. It'll keep you going and prevent you from eating too much later in the day.

  2. Eat in small proportions. Did you know it takes about 15 minutes to get the signal that you're eating to your stomach? That means that if you stuff your face, you'll still feel hungry in that 15 minutes. Take bites every 2 or 3 minutes. Eating with company is a good way, because you'll be talking more often (and obviously you shouldn't eat while you talk). It really works. Doctors say it's best to eat 4-6 small meals 2-3 hours apart. Avoid gaps of 5-6 hours when you're not eating.

  3. Exercise a lot! Strength training is great for increasing your metabolism because it grows your muscle mass (which in turn is metabolically active), which means that your passive metabolism rate will increase to keep up with the high energy demands of your increased muscle mass. Secondly, strength training in particular provides a so-called "after-burn effect", which increases metabolism for up to 24 hours after you finish exercising.

  4. Eat healthy foods. Some of them include whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, and more. Not only does this help your metabolism, but it has the added bonus of giving you energy.

  5. Be more active. This doesn't mean that you have to join every sport there is. You can just increase your activity in and around the house. Little things such as playing with cat can make a big difference.

  6. Walk 30-40 minutes 3-4 days a week.

  7. Record your results. Each week, before breakfast, weigh yourself. Keep track so that you can see the changes.

  8. Spicy food increases your metabolism up to 40 percent. Fall in love with spicy food or take "bites" of your favorite extra-spicy sauce every once in a while, or every few hours. Use it in foods as well.

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