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Complementary Alternative Medicine

Complementary alternative medicine is a topic of regular discussion these days. It is utilized with traditional medicine that completely replaces conventional medicine. An example of this is the use of ginseng to keep normal blood pressure and sugar level in human body.
An important aspect of alternative complementary medicine is that it focuses on the person as a whole. The medicine is therefore based not only on the patient's physical symptoms but also on the individual's lifestyle, environment, diet, mental and emotional health; sometimes even the spiritual health.

Some forms of alternative medicine have already been proven effective and safe. This kind of medicine treat most ache conditions like headaches, sore throats, flu and cold, indigestion, ear infections, dermatitis, urinary tract infections, sprains and strains. Also some chronic conditions such as migraines, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, muscle-skeletal pain, depression, stress, and even pregnancy and childbirth may be treated with complementary medicine as well.

Plants and herbs are commonly used in alternative medicine to treat sickness, as well as remedies produced from animals and minerals. Complementary medicine also improves mental, emotional, and physical health. It encourages psychic and spiritual growth, and an overall sense of wellness.

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