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All The Secrets About Xango Mangosteen

Xango mangosteen is currently the only company that distributes mangosteen in the world. Currently their target market is in the USA and it is easy to pick up a bottle of mangosteen juice in any health food store online and offline. There is one thing that must be said about Xango mangosteen's form of mangosteen juice and that is that it's 100% natural mangosteen juice.

Xango Mangosteen’s Proprietary Formula

There are some things you need to know about mangosteen juice. First of all the inner and outer parts of a mangosteen are very different in both taste and nutrients available. The inner section of a mangosteen, known as the hull and rich in flavor and is normally white when ripe, however this is not the part of the mangosteen that contains the most number of xanthones. A xanthone is a particular type of antioxidant that is very powerful and is known for having the ability to reduce the risks of cancer at later stages in life. The part of a mangosteen that contains a heavy percentage of xanthones is the outer hull, which is normally purple in color and usually has a much more bitter taste.

Xango Mangosteen is made mostly from the outer hull and therefore you are going to be more likely to consume the most number of xanthones in every mouthful. To make the juice taste a little better, as the taste of mangosteen juice alone is not that enticing, Xango usually adds in juice from different tropical fruits such as cranberries, blueberries and grapes. This allows for a drink that is both extremely good for you and that tastes great at the same time.

So How Much Mangosteen Juice Should You Drink Daily?

Basically any amount of mangosteen juice will give you some form of nutritional benefit. The preferred amount of consumption is usually around 1-3 ounces daily. This will ensure that your body is loaded up with the necessary amounts of xanthones that it needs to defend itself from cancer forming free radicals that exist in many foods that we consume in everyday life.
Xango Mangosteen Benefits

The combined fruits in Xango mangosteen are loaded with xanthones and other antioxidants. Drinking 1-3 ounces a day of the delicious juice helps your digestive system to function better. It strengthens your immune system, it neutralizes the free radicals that contribute to heart disease and aging and it helps your cartilage and joints work better. Additionally, it may also help with seasonal respiratory problems.

The discovery of the role of xanthones and other antioxidants in healing and health may be one of the most important nutritional findings of our time. Scientists are still discovering all of the health benefits of xanthones. Although many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, you are not likely to get enough xanthones in your regular diet.

There are of course xanthone supplements on the market, however many experts believe that because of the fact they are not natural, they will not have the same affect that drinking mangosteen juice will have on a persons body. If mangosteen juice is too expensive for you, then one of these supplements would be a great second option.

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