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All The Secrets You Don't Already Know About Mangosteen Juice!

Mangosteen juice is the juice derived from mangosteen berries which intern are grown on mangosteen vines or bushes. Many people haven't even heard of mangosteen juice, let alone the amazing nutritional benefits it provides.

Most mangosteen juice comes from South East Asia where the climate is warm enough to supply mangosteen trees with sufficient energy. Generally the best time for mangosteen to be picked is during the middle of summer. This is the time they begin to drop onto the ground and as soon as the first berry falls, the local people begin picking.

Unfortunately mangosteen berry do not last a great deal of time and can go off within a matter of a few days, therefore the best option is the either make mangosteen juice and store it in the fridge or freeze the berries so they can last a lot longer. Many people believe that if they pick their mangosteen berries before they are meant to, they will last a little longer, however this is not the best option as these immature berries will not contain alot of the goodness that the ripe ones will have.

To get your hands on fresh mangosteen, you have to go where it grows or pay a hefty price for a frozen mangosteen. There’s a story that one high-end hotel had a crate of frozen mangosteens shipped to them, and sold them as a menu item for around $100 each—for a plum-sized fruit.

You can still get the health benefits of mangosteen by drinking mangosteen juice. This juice is made by pulping the entire fruit, straining it and pasteurizing the juice. It’s important to get juice that is made from the entire fruit, because most of the health benefits are in the hull.

Mangosteen juice is the richest source of xanthones (a powerful type of antioxidant) on the planet. Antioxidants work at the cellular level, so they improve the health of all of your body systems.

All The Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

No one knows for certain what all the benefits are for drinking mangosteen juice, however there are being studies done on their nutrition properties which hopefully should share some light on the subject. What we do know is this, many locals in South East Asia have been drinking mangosteen juice for centuries now and are known to have higher than usual energy levels, even though there average day is generally more physically demanding than the average Western person's.

Another thing we do know is that mangosteen juice contains an unbelievable high percentage of antioxidants, more so than any other fruit of vegetable on earth. The fact that there are so many antioxidants inside mangosteen berries, proves one thing and that is that drinking mangosteen juice will more than likely increase a persons life-expectancy due to the fact that the high level of antioxidants are constantly removing any free radicals that may have been produced from an unnatural source.

Antioxidants also help in the fight to remove any likelihood of cancer developing in a subject, which is probably one of the major reasons why mangosteen juice has become so popular in Western civilization today, due to the fact that more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer these days.

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