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Benefits of Drinking Water - The True Fountain of Youth

What if I told you that you probably do not totally realize the amazing health benefits of drinking water. It is more than likely that your body is partially dehydrated at this very moment.Even a 5% reduction in body fluids will reduce your energy by 25% to 30%. Amazing, isn`t it? This article is about the importance of drinking water and what it does for your health and energy levels. Pure water is the True fountain of youth!

Your body consists of around 75% water so it is a vital component for every single body cell to assist healing and good health.A simple test to find out if you are drinking enough water is to note the colour of your urine. Any colour at all gives you the answer. You are water deficient! Try an extra glass of healthy water in the morning, before lunch and one hour before going to bed. You will notice the difference.

There are many benefits of drinking water and adequate amounts will help cure many every day ailments and illnesses. These include headaches,fatigue, back pain, asthma, arthritis, high and low blood pressure, ulcers, morning sickness and slow metabolism. Give your body the right tools and let it heal itself. Add the right trace minerals, the right nutrients and good quality water and you are well on the way to a healthier body.

The world in which we live in, is full of chemicals everywhere you go.Chemicals are in the air, your food and drink plus most things you touch.These cause toxins to enter into your body causing disease. In order to remove these toxins your liver has to flush them out. The importance of drinking water cannot be stressed enough here as it is required by your liver to do it`s work.

Are you wanting to lose weight? Once again it is all about quality healthy water. Weight loss occurs when your liver changes fat into energy. It is only by drinking lots of water that this process will happen.Increased amounts of water will also aid in digestion. Once your digestive system is functioning well all the nutrients from your food will be absorbed.You will not feel as hungry and will eat less food.

Healthy water is ideal for your skin which is the largest organ in your body.Lots of water will give you a soft, young, radiant and hydrated skin.You will look and feel younger and healthier.

From the above information you now know some of the benefits of drinking water. The problem is most of our water throughout the world is full of poisons, chemicals, parasites, chlorine and algae which are causing cancer and lots of other health issues.

The answer to this problem is to have a water filtration system to filter out these contaminants. Do not think that all systems do the same job. Only a handful are much better than the rest.They are not the most expensive either. A three stage filter system that filters the most contaminants and leaves in natural trace minerals is the way for you to go.

There you have it, the benefits of drinking water and the importance of drinking water. Your next step is to take a look at my website for more information on this subject. Yes water is the true fountain of youth!

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Bob Hilke, Jr. said...

Your article is excellent and illustrates how important hydration is. I believe most people are either dehydrated, or at least not hydrated to an optimal level. Another benefit most people don't think of is how important hydration is to good posture and spinal alignment. If your chiropractor tells you what mine does, we should all have better chiropractic alignments if we are well hydrated. Water and Chiropractic Healing. With the same logic, even if we are not receiving treatments we should be healthier if we are well hydrated. But it is very important to hydrate with good healthy water that can hydrate at the cellular level. Keep up the good work getting the message out!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, I really learned a lot of things from it. Water truly place a big role to us living creatures. Also athlete need this too, sometimes they drink supplemen t water . This supplement water give us more energy and it also replenish our body. Anyway thanks again and I hope too see more of your posts.