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Best Weight Loss Supplement?

Everyone always wants to know what is the best weight loss supplement or best weight loss product on the market today and I feel it is my duty to answer that question because there are thousands of them and choosing the best one could be a daunting task for a beginner. Fortunately I know the answer from years of research and personal experience. The best weight loss supplement is HARD WORK!

I'm sorry I know I just crushed a lot of people who thought they could buy a magic pill and take it in the morning or with their fast food meal and drop weight like crazy. The reality the best weight loss supplement is what you already have inside you. There are pills on the market that will help to curve your appetite, pill that will block fat, pills that will raise your metabolism, etc... All these supplements and weight loss products are not going to make you lose weight. Pick up anyone of the bottles and read the fine print, they all say when taken with proper diet and exercise.

Well if you had a healthy diet and you exercised regularly you probably wouldn't have the bottle in your hand in the first place. People today are trained from an early age to expect everything quick and easy. Well weight loss is not quick and easy. You did not get fat overnight and you are not going to get thin overnight and that is the cold hard truth.

Now that the reality check is over, don't worry. You don't need a magic pill, a special piece of exercise equipment or the best weight loss supplement on the market. The only weight loss supplement you need is will power and the desire to do what it takes to get there.

One of my favorite television shows is the Biggest Loser. I can't stand the sales pitches they do for products during the show or how they drag it out into a 2 hour show with only 30 minutes of content but I love the show because of what it does. The show motivates people to lose weight working out, eating right, and putting forth maximum effort. A staple in every show is some overweight person at the gym sweating profusely trying to lose another pound for the next weigh in. That is how it is done. Work hard, stick with it, drop the weight. One quick disclaimer though. Losing 5-15 pounds a week is not healthy and not realistic for most people. The contestants on this show are extremely overweight, have terrible diets, don't work out and make an immediate jump into 4-6 hours of training a day and a heavily restricted diet. If they didn't have $250,000 hanging over their heads, millions of people watching them on TV, and a personal trainer riding them 24/7 they would fail with this dramatic of a change.

So be smart. Start slow, get you some cardio every day, lift weights, watch what you eat and avoid the weight loss supplements and weight loss products that try and convince you that it is easy.

Brad Gatewood

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