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Benefits of eating the Dragon Fruit


1. Enhance the body metabolism (Protein)
2. Improve digestion (Fiber)
3. Reduce Fat (Fiber)
4. Improve memory (Carotone)
5. Maintain the health of the eyes (Carotone)
6. Strengthen bones and teeth development (Calcium)
7. Tissue development (Phosphorus)
8. Help to metabolise carbohydrates and produce energy (Vitamine B1)
9. Improve appetite (Vitamine B2)
10. Moisturise and smoothen skin and decrease bad cholestrol level (Vitamine B3)
11. Improves the immune system and promotes healing of cuts and bruises (Vitamine C)


How to Select and Store
They should be full-colored and free of moldy spots. Dragon Fruit should be refrigerated, unwashed, for up to 5 days. Serve chilled.

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