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Hoodia Diet Supplement - Is it Effective?

The hoodia diet supplement is taking the world by storm. Exactly what is this amazing substance? Where does one get it and is it safe? Does it even work? First, let it be known that hoodia has been proven to work. The downside to this, is only one study has been done to determine that.

In that study a group of very large individuals were divided into two groups, one got the hoodia, one did not. The ones that did reported a decrease of 1000 calories during the day. This is amazing compared to the normal caloric intake for a man is 2600 on average, and 1900 for a woman. By doing nothing else, one could lose two pounds a week.

Hoodia does not come cheap. Find it cheap, it probably isn't hoodia, at least not the variety you need. The plant is found in the deserts of South Africa. Out of the many varieties, only Hoodia Gordonii is the one with the appetite suppressant. All others are a waste of time and money.

In the few studies that have been conducted, no ill side effects were found. Some believe it may cause liver damage, but this has been linked to ingredients in hoodia other than the suppressant. Removing these has been an expensive undertaking, and a British company, Phytopharm, who holds the patent on the suppressant, P57, is working on making the diet supplement more economical to manufacture. It has only been fairly recent that the world has been introduced to this phenomenom, but has been the subject of quite a few media exposes. All major networks have done a cover story on it. It is now widely known around the world and giving green tea and the other diet supplements a run for their money.

It is not without it's controversy. Due to the lack of studies available, hoodia has come under attack for false claims; not working being the most prevalent. When examined these claims show that the user either did not follow the directions, did not have 100% Hoodia Gordonii, had a product that was made with a lot of fillers, additives or bulk material, thus being less hoodia and in some cases none at all.

All in all, hoodia appears to work, does not cause side effects, may be a bit expensive to purchase, and is the brunt of many imitations. Make sure you only purchase 100% Hoodia Gordonii, it will come with a certificate of authenticity, have a lot number stating the batch it came from, all to ensure you have what you paid for and get the results you want.

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