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10 Benefits Of Fish Oil


Fish oil has many extraordinary benefits for your health. Consuming omega-3 fish oil or oily fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon two times up to four times a week is greatly good to your wellness.

Here are ten benefits of fish oil:

1. Fish oil forbids heart attack - Dr Alexander Leaf and co-workers at Harvard Medical School discovered that consuming oily fish like salmon or tuna at least twice a week could prevent a heart attack.

2. Fish oil keeps against heart disease - Researchers at Southampton University discovered that omega-3 fish oil breaks off the develop of fatty deposits in the artery, protecting against heart disease, cardiovascular and stroke.

3. Fish oil cuts the risk of dying from a sudden heart attack - Chief researcher Dr Roberto Martial, from the Consortia Mario Negroid Sod research institute in Santa Maria Embargo, Italy discovered that one gram daily dose of omega-3 fish oil was sufficiency to significantly cut down the risk of death from a sudden heart attack by 42%.

4. Fish oil keeps mothers from delivering to very little babies - The University of Bristol research team discovered that a mother-to-be who consumes fish during the later stages of maternity is less likely to have a very little baby.

5. Fish oil helps lupus sufferers - Researchers in Northern Ireland the University of Ulster discovered that people with the lupus disease who consume tuna, mackerel and similar fish containing omega-3 fish oil reduce their lupus symptoms.

6. Fish oil helps prostate cancer sufferers - The Paterson Institute researchers came up that a diet rich in a fat found in oily fish and some seeds may keep men with prostate cancer from developing a more aggressive form.

7. Fish oil reduces the development of breast cancer - Researchers from Indiana University discovered that when blending compounds from omega-3 fatty acids with the anaesthetic propofol, mutually they came out to cut down the development of breast cancer cells.

8. Fish oil lessens inflammation - The researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital discovered that a diet richly in oily fish like salmon and mackerel may help improve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis; the oily fish diet worked better when combined with low aspirin dosages.

9. Fish oil prevents certain symptoms of complex cancer - Professor Kevin Fearon and colleagues at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary discovered that oily fish keeps cachexia - the severe wasting and weight loss related with some types of complex cancer.

10. Fish oil protects against asthma - The researchers at Cambridge University discovered that oily fish could protect against asthma.

Finally, the benefits of fish oil are marvelous for your health. If you want to lead a hale and hearty life, possibly it’s time for you to start consuming oily fish containing omega-3 oils now. For a healthiness, The Food Standards Agency advises that we consume oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel or omega-3 fish oil up to four times every week. Feel free to visit to get more info.

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Liggy said...

It's also very important to check out the manufacturer's credentials. Some fish oils contain high amounts of mercury which is toxic.