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Natural Cure for Sinus Infection


For many people all over the world who suffer from chronic sinusitis, they would realize that a permanent cure for this condition is indeed elusive.

Somehow as we age, sinus infection symptoms seem to hit us doubly hard and seem a lot more severe. Perhaps this is due to the slowing down of the body's natural healing process.

How do we get Sinusitis?

Nasal congestion is the chief cause of sinus infection. When we have a cold or viral influenza, our nose becomes clogged up. This is caused by the inflammation of the mucosa, the membrane-like tissue which lines the nasal passages and sinus cavities. As a result, natural ventilation into these areas is restricted. When that happens, bacteria start to multiply rapidly and a bacterial sinus infection develops.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinus infection symptoms would include sinus pain and pressure experienced in the region of the sinuses such as the front of the head above the eyebrows. Tenderness felt in the cheek area when pressure is applied when there is a maxillary sinus infection. Pain felt in the areas between the eyes when there is ethmoid sinusitis.

When there is acute bacterial sinusitis, there is possibility of a fever as well. Sore throat, abnormal amounts of post-nasal drip, coughing, sensitivity to bright lights, thick, sticky mucus and dizziness are common symptoms of sinusitis.

Medical Treatment for Sinusitis

When there is a bacterial sinus infection, medically known as acute sinusitis, a broad-spectrum antibiotic is necessary because it will destroy the bacterium that causes this disease. At the same time, decongestants, which help to clear up the clogged nose and antihistamines, if allergy is the cause of the nasal congestion, may be prescribed too.

Besides oral drugs, home remedies are welcomed as they help preventing another recurrence of sinusitis and also increases the effectiveness of the treatment given by the doctor.

Natural Home Cures for Sinusitis

Hydration: Drinking lots of water is always good for the body to detoxify. This can help thin our mucus so that evacuation from the sinuses become easier.

Steam inhalation: Place a towel over your head and sit or stand with your head positioned directly over the steam. The purpose of the towel is to trap the steam and direct it upwards so that you can get the maximum benefit. For those with chronic nasal congestion, you can add herbal extracts such as eucalyptus oil or menthol into the steaming hot water which should assist in opening the clogged nose.

Nasal irrigation: Yoga practitioners use a saline solution to cleanse their sinuses. It can be done by means of a plastic syringe or a neti pot.

However, even though these home remedies are effective to a certain extent, preventing sinus infections may not be easy for some individuals due to the physical structure or anatomy of their nose. As mentioned earlier, chronic nasal congestion is the main cause of sinusitis and if a person suffers continuously from such a condition, he would be predisposed to sinusitis.

For people who unfortunately belong to this category, sinus surgery may be the last resort.

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GDC said...

Taking a hard look at your diet is a great place to start.
And from a bigger picture standpoint make sure you are understanding your options and not just jumping to medications. Even in chronic sinusitis new developments like balloon sinuplasty are helping lots of folks without resorting to major surgery.
My 2 cents. Take care everyone.